The start up La Noix Tigrée manufactures certified organic recipes in France from edible tiger nut, this super little tuber with a mild, slightly sweet almond taste.

Also called noix tigrée, chufa, earth almond, souchet, tiger nut has been used since Ancient Egypt for its nutritional properties. It is an oilseed, you can extract an oil from it or make a vegetable milk - like the horchata de chufa from Valencia in Spain.

Tigernuts are suitable for people with gluten intolerance. It is a source of minerals: phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and good unsaturated fatty acids. Ideal for your munchies thanks to its fibers which swell and moderate the appetite.

We suggest consuming plain tiger nut, raw or toasted, alone or with milk: whole tiger nut, CROC Rond and CROC Nature.

La Noix Tigrée also uses a dehydrator at 80 ° c to make naturally sweet and tiger nut Granolas from the Tiger available in 2 recipes: Granola du Tigre cocoa and Granola du Tigre banana.

Crunchy, delicious, gluten-free, oat-free and without added sugars, our granolas can be eaten like cookies or with milk.

You will also find our savory granolas, our cream spreads and our gluten-free nutgrass flours.

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Our tiger nuts

Whole tiger nut - bulk

From €8.34
Gluten free, the original organic tiger nut to make your vegetable milk or taste it as it is.

Our tiger nuts

CROC ROND - bags and BULK

€3.41 From €3.00
Raw organic gluten free peeled tiger nut, to use as an almond for a snack or to make your own veggie milk.

Our tiger nuts


From €3.41
Organic gluten free raw sliced tiger nut - tiger nut flakes, to be used as oak flakes or almond slices.

Our tiger nuts

CROC croc - Organic peeled...

From €9.95
Organic gluten free raw diced tiger nut - tiger nut flakes, to be used as topping or in your recipes.
CROC ROND Choco - Dark...

Our tiger nuts

CROC ROND Choco - Dark...

€7.35 -5% From €6.98
Dark chocolate coated peeled tiger nut, to use as a chocolate almond for a snack.

Our naturally sweet granolas

Granola du Tigre: Tiger...

From €3.60
Granola prepared in a dehydrator, Organic, vegan, gluten free with tiger nut, buckwheat, dates, cacao, hazelnut, sesame ... Eat me as a...

Our naturally sweet granolas

Granola du Tigre: tiger...

From €3.60
Organic, gluten free, vegan granola prepared in a dehydrator with buckwheat, tiger nut, dates, banana, almond, cashew... To eat as a biscuit or...

Tiger nut flours

Organic classic Tiger Nut...

From €14.22
Very fine, organic, gluten free, with few skin residue, to be used as an almond or chestnut flour (financier cake). Find ou recipes here:  Blog